Site Design

I hope exploring this site will give you a good idea of my capabilities, but allow me to give you the short version up front: though nothing is pure in this world, I'm more of a “Web Designer” than a “Web Developer.” While I can ably hand code HTML (and have for over a decade), I'm not the guy who can code you an online shopping cart from scratch (though I might be able to set you up a “stock” solution). My strength is translating my unique combination of skills and experience to this medium; the ability to mix words (eight years writing and producing radio commercials) and images (over 15 years as a photographer) to design and create a vision, send a message, or sell a product or service on the Internet.

You can explore the web section for plenty of examples of my work.

This site is intended to give evidence that I have a fairly unique skill set to offer to any project you might be planning. I've worked over 25 years in one form or another of the advertising industry, first in radio, then advertising photography, and finally on the web. These experiences have given me the broad knowledge and skills that allow me to help you with both the nuts and bolts, and the Big Picture.

Commercial Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I won't waste many of them here. Since entering the advertising photography business in 1987, I've photographed a wide range of subjects. Many of them are on display in my portfolio. And you may also browse 91 images on sale as archival prints in my online print store.